Hartland MI

Hartland MI is a very quiet suburb of Detroit. In Hartland people enjoy peace and quiet, having a lot of free space to move around in, the parks and various sports facilities, as well as being close to bigger cities.

Hartland is located between Howell MI on the east side, Fowlerville on the north side, Wixom on the west side, and Brighton on the south side. Hartland has an area of about 26 square miles with 7 schools serving the children that live there – five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school/combined school – Hartland Community High School. There are many options for higher education including colleges in Ann Arbor and Dearborn. I t is not necessary to have a car if you would like to move around in Hartland. The neighborhood is small enough that you can walk to the grocery store, the bank, the restaurants and other important places.

When it comes to entertainment there are various options for children of all ages including parks with playgrounds, pools , sports facilities such as soccer fields and baseball diamonds. If you wish your child to be involved in a sport or an extracurricular activity there are several organizations in Hartland which offer opportunities for kids.